Top 10 Essential Insurance Policies for Small Businesses

Small businesses start strong but need more resources to back them up if something starts going downhill. This is one reason many small business owners hesitate to take newer steps or need clarification about what to do next.

If you are a small business owner who wants to expand but wants a security backup, we highly suggest getting insurance for your company. Need help with which type of insurance to get? Well, we have the top ten essential insurance policies for small businesses covered for you. Hop on below.


The Top Ten Essential Insurance Policies for Small Businesses to Pick

Here are the top ten essential insurance policies for small businesses to pick from:

1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a type of insurance that would cover property damage or bodily injury expenses for another individual at your company. This means that if a person visiting your company premises slips and gets hurt or one of their goods gets damaged, this insurance would be a way to cover their damages or medical expenses on the company's behalf. Getting general liability insurance is smart because some circumstances come unannounced. Hence, instead of taking out money from your expenditure to pay for the damages, it is always wise to start insurance.

2.Professional Liability Insurance

Also known as error and omission insurance, professional liability insurance is another excellent insurance policy we highly suggest a small business take up. When new in the corporate or business world, small businesses tend to unintentionally make errors or mistakes while finding their way through several processes. Hence, if a particular department at your company unintentionally causes a mishap with a specific client, they decide to sue you. This insurance can cover your legal fees to tackle the matter in court.

3.Commercial Property Insurance

The small business invests a lot of capital to become what it stands as in the present day, and hence, protecting its structure and all involved inside is always essential. You cannot deny that environmental changes like heavy rainfalls, lightning, and earthquakes come unaccounted for and can rip apart even the most stable foundations. Hence, to protect your company premises and goods from all such circumstances, it is always essential to have commercial property insurance on hand for your small business.

4.Business Interruption Income

There is no denying that once a fire or heavy rain hits a company and damages it or theft causes the company to lose its goods, it cannot be rerun immediately. The company would often need to move to a new location or have its goods returned. During this time, the company would also need to close temporarily to get all of this settled.

The business interruption income is an insurance claim that would be useful during these circumstances. It would allow a company to retrieve amounts for lost earnings, damaged merchandise, and other additional expenses during this time.

5.A Business Owners Policy

The business owner policy might be one of the best options for insurance that you can pick for your business. Why is that? The business owner's policy isn't a single insurance but a bundle of three different insurance policies. This particular insurance includes general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and business interruption insurance, all packed into one. Not only are the benefits of these three insurances the best for any operating business, but getting all three insurance policies under the BOP category would cost you relatively cheaper, too.


6.Worker's Compensation Insurance

There is no denying that a worker is a company's most valuable asset. Hence, taking care of them is the company's responsibility, too. In case your worker gets an illness or injury due to a work factor, then it should be upon the company to bear its cost and expenses for treatment. Taking up worker's compensation insurance is a brilliant idea for such matters. This insurance would help you pay your workers' medical costs during treatment.

7.Commercial Auto Insurance

Small businesses often have business-operated vehicles which the workers drive at the company. In case of any accidents of these business vehicles, the car is damaged, and the worker who was going it sustains injury too. Commercial auto insurance would help cover the medical expenses of the worker and the damages to the vehicle easily. If you do not have this insurance running, you must pay the costs out of your pocket.

8.Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This particular insurance policy is one of the best insurances you can pick. This is because, at times, your claims might exceed the reimbursement amount your desired insurance policy is willing to make. In such cases, the commercial umbrella insurance policy would work wonderfully to cover the differences caused by the exceeded cost. In a true sense, it is an umbrella that protects your business from facing the storm's aftermath.

9.Cyber Liability Insurance

We live in a world of technology where operating through several technical devices has made our work easier. However, along with making our job easy, the technological aspects in this world have also made it easier to breach data. If your company has gotten its data stolen and the information of one of your clients got leaked, chances are that they might sue you. Well, to ensure that you are ready to bear the legal fees and reimbursement costs, it is essential to have cyber liability insurance issued.

10.Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The employment practices liability insurance will help the company bear any employment-related claims. There are times when the employees in your company may foresee circumstances like sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination. Ensuring that they are well reimbursed for such problems is one aspect companies should take into consideration.


Starting a small business takes a lot of hard work and effort. Hence, one should always protect the company and keep it running for good. With the ten insurance policies mentioned above, your business will operate smoothly and stay safe from many unforeseen circumstances.